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Boat Drip - Restore

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Our revolutionary 16oz exterior/interior Restore spray is here! Our innovative formula effectively restores your trims, trailers, and seats to make them look brand new. Chemically infused to protect surfaces and bring back that original look your boat/trailer once had. Spray on any rubber, plastic, or leather material and wipe evenly with a clean rag or pad. Restore dry's instantly and does not leave any oily feel behind. Not only is Restore water resistant to ensure it keeps your surfaces looking brand new but it also smells amazing. Grab a bottle today and we guarantee this will be your new favorite boat-cleaning product!

  • GREAT for trailer, tire, trim, plastic, rubber, vinyl, dashboard, and more.
  • A fast and easy way to keep your boat CLEAN and PROTECTED.
  • EXTREMELY versatile and long-lasting for exterior and Interior surfaces!
  • PROTECTS against strong UV rays.
  • Perfect way to restore and hydrate your boat!
  • We added Scent to ensure a more enjoyable and satisfying use for our customers.
  • Works great on seats as well!
  • 16oz Spray Bottle