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Outboard Motor Sleeves

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Keep your boat looking clean and protected with the new LIV Fishing Outboard Motor Sleeve! Designed to protect the fiberglass on the back of your boat from wearing down due to rubbing against the outboard rigging hose. This product is made from a soft neoprene and features a double stitched Velcro from one end to the other so you can simply wrap it around the rigging hose with ease. No need to take apart anything on your boat to install the sleeve.

You can cut the length to fit your rigging hose properly 

How to pick the right size? 

Take a string and wrap it around the tube and measure the length of where they meet and add 1 inch.

Click here to watch a video...

Pre measured sizes (Double check yourself) especially the length 

Mercury 4 Stroke - 9in

Mercury 2 Stroke - 10in

Yamaha SHO - 9in

let us know what fits yours best!